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Judean Jug with Single Handle
Item No. 99975

Neolithic (before 100 AD), N/A, Judea
6" x 0" x 0"
( 15.24 x 0 x 0 cm)
(H x W x D)

This is a heavy, wide terracotta jug with single wide strap-handle from Judea dated approximately 8-7th century B.C. This piece was made on a wheel which one can see by the various concentric parallel lines around the entire outside surface of the jug, which appear on the inside as well. The handle is large enough to accommodate two fingers and extends from the lip to the top of the jug's fairly long neck. It originally had a gray-beige slip which covered the terracotta. It was buried in an area with water seepage which is evident by the water and lime stains throughout the jug -- especially at the bottom and around the handle. It was probably originally used a a utilitarian vessel in a home to hold liquids, probably water.

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