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Guanyin in Meditation
Item No. 16472A

19th Century, Buddhist, China
Lacquer over Wood with Polychrome and Gilt
9.25" x 4" x 4.25"
( 23.495 x 10.16 x 10.795 cm)
(H x W x D)

This gilt-covered Bodhisattva is seated with the hands in meditation (dhyana mudra), the legs in padmasana with both feet exposed and soles facing upwards and the right hand over the left with thumbs touching forming the triratna, the Triple Gems of Buddhism, the Buddha, the Dharma (teachings of the Buddha) and the Sangha (community of monks). He wears a removable crown which was probably added later, the front of which has seven lobes decorated with crosshatched decoration, the middle lobe centered with an eight-petal flower in high relief. The three-part robes are bordered with wide red hems which are echoed in folds throughout the piece. The undergarment is tied with a black ribbon above the waist. The head is titled forward, and the Bodhisattva looks downwards with half closed eyes above the slightly smiling lips. The oval, fairly flat face has high arching eyebrows emanating from the top ridge of the nose. Gold gilt covers the entire figure which is highlighted with red pigmentation.

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