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Miniature Antique Hsun Ok
Item No. 6219

20th Century, Buddhist, Burma
11" x 0" x 0"
( 27.94 x 0 x 0 cm)
(H x W x D)

Hsun ok refers to an offering vessel with a curved bowl set on a waisted pedestal flaring out to a circular foot-ring. This hsun ok is a lidded container used to carry offerings to the monastery or for displaying the offerings on the side of a Buddha image. A spired lid with a finial, which represents the soaring outline of a Burmese pagoda, surmounts the cover. It is made of wood which has been covered with red lacquer (hinthabada), or cinnabar mixed with lacquer sap.

Most households have a hsun-ok in which to convey foods to the local monastery on Sabbath days. This hsun ok is unusually small and delicate.

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