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Bodhisattva Seated with Bowl
Item No. 5671

18th - 19th Century, Buddhist, China
9.5" x 5.5" x 4"
( 24.13 x 13.97 x 10.16 cm)
(H x W x D)

Guanyin is seated wearing a double-tiered, rounded nine-lobe crown and a gilt and red lacquered robe flowing in long lines down the body. The robe is open from nearly the waist to the neck. The left hand is in the lap and holds a bowl which probably might contain rice seed which is a metaphor for fertility and sustenance. The right arm is up possibly in vitarka, but the removable hand is lost. This portrayal of Guanyin cradling a bowl is fairly rare. It was not uncommon, however, for statues of Guanyin to have one arm with a removable hand, although it usually occurred with the creation of much larger pieces. The legs are crossed in padmasana with the soles of the feet resting upwards on the knees. The hair ends in a bun near the back of the head, and the folds of the robe that appear at the knees are represented in a wonderful circular, linear pattern.

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