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Guanyin in Reverence Mudra (Anjali)
Item No. 16151

19th Century, Buddhist, China
11.75" x 5.25" x 4"
( 29.845 x 13.335 x 10.16 cm)
(H x W x D)

This image represents a bodhisattva, an enlightened being which could reach Buddha hood, but has chosen to stay on earth to help all sentient beings reach their own enlightenment. He sits on a double lotus throne, a sign of his enlightenment, in padmasana, the lotus position, with the red painted soles of the feet exposed and his hands in anjali, the position of adoration and respect. His oval face is set in meditation and serenity with half closed eyes cast down below painted arched eyebrows. His hair in a tri-part bun is pulled back behind the five-lobed crown and lopes over the pendulous ears and down the shoulders. He wears the traditional three part robe which extends over the base. The image is covered with gilt and a dark colored lacquer throughout. The bung in the back is closed and appears to have been sealed with the application lacquer.

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