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Guanyin In Royal Ease (Lalitsana) at Putuo
Item No. 19508

18th - 19th Century, Buddhist, China
Lacquer over Wood with Polychrome and Gilt
9.75" x 5" x 4.5"
( 24.765 x 12.7 x 11.43 cm)
(H x W x D)

Guanyin sits upon a rock at the entrance to her Carve of Tidal Sound on the island of Putuo, represented by the arched overhead covering, in lalitsana, her right leg drawn up with her hand resting on the knee, bare attenuated toes exposed and her left hand bent and holding a scroll. The scroll symbolizes the dharma, the tenets of Buddhism, which she as a bodhisattva spreads to all sentient beings, or the Lotus Sutra in which the magnificence of Guanyin is elaborated. The white parrot sits on a ledge to her right and the vial with healing waters sits on a square four footed pedestal on a ledge to her left. She is held up by five lotuses. The one on the middle is fully open, the two on each side of the center are partially open and the two farthest from the center are closed buds, symbolizing her enlightenment and the potential for her devotees to reach their own enlightenment. Her hair is set in a top chignon tied with a hair pin through the hair (with losses to one side). Her oval face is cast forward with its sensitive features set in a contemplative expression.

This image with its fine composition and carving is an excellent example of the small images created for placement in home shrines. Considerable gilt remains with traces of pigment, although there are losses of paint and lacquer to the surface.

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