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Antique Ritual Drum
Item No. 19120

20th Century, Buddhist, China
24" x 0" x 0"
( 60.96 x 0 x 0 cm)
(H x W x D)

Chinese drums known as flower drums or gang-gu or da-gu, have bodies shaped like a flower vase, and are usually decorated with floral patterns. A stretched-skin covers each open side of the wooden body, where the lower skin is typically "half to three-fifths" the size of the top skin. In the orchestra several sizes of the flower drum are arranged together and often perform melodic solo passages, having a characteristically "mellow" tone.

This drum is a variant of a flower drum, as only the top is covered in leather. The stretched leather on the top is held taut with two parallel rows of metal bosses on the side. Two bronze hands affix to the sides. This drum, which was probably used in a temple setting. Three quarters down the side of the drum is a woven bamboo decorative band covered with red lacquer, much of which is now faded.

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