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Pair of Antique Carved Fu Lions
Item No. 16066

18th - 19th Century, N/A, China
Lacquer over Wood
5.75" x 4.25" x 2"
( 14.605 x 10.795 x 5.08 cm)
(H x W x D)

Each of these small fu lions carved in the round stands on a high rectangular pedestal decorated on each side with florals set within a plain border. They stand lifted on their back paws with both front paws resting on a large orb. Their ears are placed back on their heads with arched heavy eyebrows, bulging eyes and open mouths with a tongue curled up touching the top lips. The rear of their legs, lower jaw and backs are lined with incised fur and their tri-foil tails curve decoratively onto their backs. The round indentation in the middle of their backs indicates that they were part of a larger carving, probably part of an architectural or furniture element.

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