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Antique Stone Weight in the form of a Fu Lion
Item No. 16394

19th Century, N/A, China
0" x 0" x 0"
( 0 x 0 x 0 cm)
(H x W x D)

This stone carving represents a fu lion, a symbol of valor and energy. The lion is not indigenous to China. When Buddhism was introduced to China, artists had to portray images of the lion as the defender of law and protector of sacred buildings, even though they had never seen a lion in real life. A prototypical model of the lion was adapted and used by artisans throughout China in which the lion is represented sejant--either with both of the fore feet on the ground or one foot raised in a menacing attitude in order to scare off demons. Thus, in this figure, the lion is baring his teeth to ward off potential evil. He sits crouching on his back legs with his front paws set on teh ground on a round pedestal. Stone carvings such as this were used as weights for measuring agricultural products.

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