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Antique Carved Noodle Maker
Item No. 9543

19th Century, N/A, India
21" x 22" x 4.75"
( 53.34 x 55.88 x 12.065 cm)
(H x W x D)

Himachal Pradesh is one of the few areas in India where wood is widely avaiable in abundant forests for use in architecture, furnishings, hadicrafts and utilitarian items. Woods such as oine, walnut, coarse chestnut and wild black mulberry are plentiful there. Village homes there are constructed with carvings on doors, window, balconies, panels and interior spaces. The love of wood and the high skill in carving is seen even in itilitarian itemsand toys

This antique woodcarving from Himachal Pradesh has a round piece of metal with holes secured in the middle of the carved ram's body. Whether one is making noodles from flour or rice, the glutinous material in placed inside the rams body and the removable piece of wood that is in the center of the body in our photograph is used to push the material through the holes to make noodles.

The ram is made from three separate pieces of wood that are carved and incised with minimum decoration or articulation, as the animal is expresses with general and geometrical forms instead of through the subtle carving and modulation of form, details or anatomy.

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