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Antique Shrine with Two Drawers
Item No. 16005

19th Century, Buddhist, China
5.5" x 27.75" x 9.75"
( 13.97 x 70.485 x 24.765 cm)
(H x W x D)

This flat antique shrine stand is decorated on the side and front with panels containing carved flowers, including peonies (representing nobility and wealth), plum blossoms (spring and winter and a person who has a strong personality) and orchid leaves(serenity, purity and virtue). The original metal decorative pulls on the two front drawers are in the shape of butterflies, symbols of good fortune. A decorative apron extends under the panels on the sides and the front. It was a Chinese belief that every woman is represented in the other world by a treee or flower. The shrine is in excellent condition.

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