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Image of Guanyin in Lalitsana
Item No. 16126

18th Century, Buddhist, China
41" x 16.75" x 13"
( 104.14 x 42.545 x 33.02 cm)
(H x W x D)

Guanyin sits on a backless throne in modified lalitsans, the posture of royal ease, with the right leg bent at the knee and resting to the side and the left pendant. Both hands are in vitarka mudra, the teaching posture, with the right held up in front of her and the left just above the knee. Her three part deeply carved robe is tucked just below the waist and open at the chest to reveal a beaded necklace and undergarment tied at the waist. The robe is loosely draped on her body with circular folds at the waist and legs hanging to the tops of her bare feet. Her sensitively carved face has downcast eyes, gently arching brows fine nose and full lips imbuing it with a serene expression, framed by waves of hair gathered tied in a top knot.

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