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Guanyin in Anjali
Item No. 17011

19th - 20th Century, Buddhist, China
28" x 14" x 13"
( 71.12 x 35.56 x 33.02 cm)
(H x W x D)

This radiating Guanyin sits in padmasana, her crossed legs covered by her robe on an unadorned throne. She is portrayed with carved arched eyebrows which meet at the top of her nose above down cast lotus shaped eyes above a slightly smiling mouth. Often, a smiling face indicates that the Bodhisattva portrayed is revealing that she knows the ways of the world. She is crowned with a lobed crown centered by a well articulated and finely carved image of the Buddha Amitabha seated in mediation upon a lotus and framed by a pointed aureole representing the flames of Buddhism. Her three part robe is lyrically carved and slightly open at the chest to reveal a necklace.

She sits in anjali-mudra, the posture of adoration, respect and prayer. In this position she would probably originally have been placed on the side of a Buddha to whom she was kneeling in deference and respect.

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