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Old Carved Folk Panel from Mandalay
Item No. T52A

19th - 20th Century, N/A, Burma
Wood with Pigmentation
17.25" x 9" x 2.75"
( 43.815 x 22.86 x 6.985 cm)
(H x W x D)

This is a teak carving of a Burmese woman carrying a loaded woven bamboo basket in the traditional Burmese way--taking one of the two long woven straps that would be attached to the basket and placing it on the forehead. One can assume the basket is full, as placing the strap on the forehead is one of the traditional means of carrying things throuout Asia. Young girls are taught to do this at an early age with the use of small baskets and light loads. As their necks become stronger, the load size is increased; so there is a gradual process and time to strengthen one's muscles.

The woman wears a knee length dress decorated with a double-lined "V" near the neck, a double-lined circle near the lower hem, similar designs at the end of the short sleeved and plusses and "X" designs throughout. She wears pierced earrings, her right hand is raised to the shoulder in a fist, the left hand and arm are down at her side, and her legs are slightly bent and her feet slightly apart as she is shown walking but confined to a ledge at the bottom of the carving.

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