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Carved Official on Horseshoe Chair
Item No. 16067

19th Century, Taoist / Popular Religions, China
Lacquer over Wood with Polychrome and Gilt
11" x 4.25" x 3.25"
( 27.94 x 10.795 x 8.255 cm)
(H x W x D)

This seated statue represents a Mandarin wearing a hat with a broad band that is slightly conical in shape with a finial on top. His high collar robe is belted at the waist and falls to the top of his shoes. Both hands are set on the knees, with the right hand holding what is probably a small tael, a silver ingot used as a measure of currency and therefore probably a symbol of wishing the bestowal of wealth. He sits on a horseshoe chair with a high centered back rail which slants down the side to form an arm rest and four cabriole legs with large bases all set upon a two tiered pedestal with a decorative apron.

The back of the statue contains a cavity with a closed bung. It appears as though the bung was once open, as it is closed with the edges of the documents contained within exposed at the edges. These contents were placed there during an eye opening ceremony.

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