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Guanyin in Meditation
Item No. 16302

19th Century, Buddhist, China
Wood with Gilt
19" x 10" x 8"
( 48.26 x 25.4 x 20.32 cm)
(H x W x D)

This magnificently carved Guanyin sits in meditation, her exquisitely carved left hand placed over her right in her lap, and her feet in padmasana under her elegantly flowing robe. Her half closed eyes, highlighted by the remains of gilt which once covered her face, glance down in perfect serenity and she gazes in contemplation with a slight smile at her lips. Her finely carved hair frames her face, loops over her pendulous ears, extends in elaborate three plaited braids down her shoulders, and is piled in a chignon on the top of her head. Such sophisticated hairstyles are reserved for bodhisattvas such as Guanyin, symbolizing their spiritual and physical beauty and their ability to preside over the sacred and material world.

She wears an elegantly scalloped diadem with a beaded border on the bottom and centered by a seated Buddha Amitabha in meditation. Her three part gown is open at the chest to reveal a thick necklace and falls around her body onto her throne. The hanging foliage under the hem of dress and the roughly carved base in the form of stones indicate she is seated on her rocky outcrop in the island of Pu Tuo in the South China where she is believe to reside.

The statue is in excellent condition, with some minimum losses of lacquer, age cracks and inset holes on the base.

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