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Taoist Official on a Backless Throne
Item No. 16016

18th - 19th Century, Taoist / Popular Religions, China
Wood with Polychrome
41" x 14" x 9.75"
( 104.14 x 35.56 x 24.765 cm)
(H x W x D)

This carving represents an official seated on a high backless throne, an often used seating theme for Chinese deities and ancestor figures in all religions, including Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and popular religions. Based on his decorations on his robes, he is probably a Taoist official, although this is difficult to discern with certainty. He is dressed in garments traditionally associated with Taoist and Mandarin officials he has a high collared robe with long sleeves cascading down his sides, a prominent raised belt at his waist and robes which extend to the tips of his official shoes. Atop his head is an ornately carved and painted official's cap with ribbons extending down to his shoulders.

As an official he is portrayed in tradition posture, with his right hand proudly displaying his belt which signifies his elevated status, and his left placed firmly on his knee. This image is somewhat atypical, however, as his face radiates warmth with an engaging smile and vibrantly colored robes of pastel greens, ochers and blues. His smile is mirrored in the smiling sun face --- which is probably a Taoism symbol --- which is painted on the front of his robe.

Areas of this piece has been restored and repainted.

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