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Antique Bronze Buddha Head on Granite Stand
Item No. 3549

Late 19th Century, Buddhist, Burma
13.5" x 6.75" x 7.25"
( 34.29 x 17.145 x 18.415 cm)
(H x W x D)

This finely molded lost wax bronze head of the Buddha portrays him with a youthful benign expression. His square face is flanked by large incised earlobes which flare outward in a graceful arc. His serene countenance is highlighted by extremely pronounced curved eyebrows which extend across his forehead and meet at the bridge of his aquiline shaped nose, outlining the downcast almond shaped eyes. His bud shaped lips are set in a slight sweet smile.

His face displays many characteristics of the Mandalay style: it has a flat broad headband which is of Thai origin and which separates the face from the hair. The net-like hair, which is emphasized with gilt, is covered with hundreds of hair locks known as shwebo thorns , which are meant to indicate curls. Atop the head is a large usnisha , the cranial bump, fleshy protuberance or knot of hair that indicates the princely origins of the Buddha and that is a mark of a superior being. The usnisha is described in old texts as that which emerges out of the head of an enlightened being and is a visible symbol of the spiritual generative power that strives towards heaven and passes into the immaterial sphere. During this dynasty, the head was normally portrayed without a flame-like finial.

The head is mounted on a granite base.

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